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Real Avid

Real Avid Pistol Tool - 19 In One Shooters Multi-tool

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Real avid pistol tool 19 in one shooters multi-tool

-Titanium coated stainless steel components
-Non-hardened stainless steel pick/scraper
-3" 420 stainless steel Tanto Knife
-1911 Government & Officer Bushing Wrench
-2.5" Long Bit Driver
-6 Hex Bits w/ ball detents
-4 Bondhus Protanium® Hex Keys for laser sights
-3/32" Pin Punch w/ 8-32 threads
-Fine-Tooth Metal File
-Tap Hammer Surface

Other Features: 19 precision tools for striker fire, revovler, 1911 bushing wrench,4 hex keys, pick, scrapper, bit driver, pin punch, tanto knife, 6 hex bits w/ ball detents metla fine, tap hammer