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Cameleon Belladonna Conceal - Carry Purse Classic Purse Crem

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Cameleon belladonna conceal carry purse classic purse crem

-Main zipper opens up to five separate pockets on the inside
-There are also two additional pockets on each outside panel of the bag for easy access to smaller items
-The three-sided concealed carry pocket is located on the front of the bag & is enclosed w/ a heavy gauge zipper
-This pocket is padded so the imprint of the gun does not show through
-Vegan leather & a shoulder strap that is reinforced w/ a cut-resistant metal wire
-It can be carried as a handbag or shoulder bag

Other Features: Ccw compartment located in front.Holds a full size gun ccw compartment 12"w x 7"h main zipper opens to 5 separate pockets 2 additional pockets on each outside panel for small items removeable shoulder strap is reinforced w/ cut resistant metal wire