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Bulldog Magnum Top Load Led - Digital Vault W- Rfid Access<

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Bulldog magnum top load led digital vault w/ rfid access<

-Interior light
-Spring loaded door remains in the open position
-User friendly RFID option allows entry by use of an access card or key fob
-Small size & top load design is perfect for storage inside of drawers & night stands
-Separate power button ensures all four LED access buttons are backlit for accurate code entry
-Four ways to open: RFID access card, RFID key fob, LED "night light" access buttons, or emergency key
-Exterior Dimensions: 11.5" x 9.75" x 2.5"
-Security cable included

Other Features: Key pad w/ led nightlight spring loaded door remains opn secure hidden key override audible sound may be muted requires 4 aa batteries 30 second interior led light 4 mthods of opening key, rfid care, rfid fob, access buttons