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Arb The Itch Eraser Spray .95 - Oz Poison Ivy Oak & Sumac

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Arb the itch eraser spray.95 oz poison ivy oak & sumac

-0.95 fl. oz.
-Perfect to treat allergic reactions, poison ivy, oak & sumac, hives, rashes & redness, insect bites,
sunburns, & minor cuts & scrapes
-Dermatologist Recommended
-Confidence that it works because it is backed by doctors
-Extra Strength Formula with Antihistamine & Zinc Acetate
-Instant & permanent relief from outdoor itches & pain
-Cooling Spray Formula with Natural Healing Properties
-Contains ingredients that are moisturizers, anti-irritants, redness reducers, antibacterials, & antioxidants
-Pump Spray Delivery System with Locking Cap
-Worry free, no mess portable container
-Simple to Apply
-Just spray it on for maximum skin coverage

Other Features: Tea tree oil, vitamin e, oat complex, active ingredients, stops the itch & heals the skin, poison ivy, oak & sumac, rashes, sunburn, cuts & scrape dermatologist recommended, extra strength formula w/ antihistamine & zinc acetate, cooling spray, pump spray, w/ locking cap